Speedometer Testing Platform System

Home of the world’s smallest and patent published Speedometer Testing Platform System

Patent Publication Application # US-2017-0038409-A1

Economical and reliable way to safely and easily test any speedometer in your shop or on location

  • Accelerated Speed Dynamics Inc., (ASD) was born from necessity. YIS/Cowden Group, Inc. (YCG) needed a way to test AWD police speedometers for their annual calibration per PA law
  • ASD had critical design requirements to build a portable, lightweight system with a fast, safe and easy setup, that was achieved with our patent pending modular system
  • Easily loads in a 6’x12’ enclosed trailer
  • Pulled by a ½ ton truck or van
  • Significant cost savings when compared to conventional AWD portable systems


Have a need to calibrate speedometers?

Do you have a 2WD dynamometer system and need to test AWD speedometers?

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Speedometer Testing Platform

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